Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Skin House Magic Fit Primer

hiii :D
i'm back for review my first primer from The Skin House
this is my first time to used primer cause before i don't think and don't know abour primer.
primer or base make up important for make smooth skin.
primer and base make up is same just different for the color.
primer just 1 color and base usually have 2 color : purple and green.
purple for yellow tone skin,
and green for red tone skin (for redness face) for hide acne.

first time i hear The Skin House brand, so i'm curious about this brand.
the model for Skin House is park min young, you will know her if you watch city hunter played as kim nana ^^

let's start!

The Skin House Magic Fit Primer.
picture from google kkk
the real product (front)

i love the packaging cause it's look glamour LOL
purple box
i love the smell..!!
it's like expensive parfume XD

Magic fit primer is for natural tones and can be used to hide pore and control excessive sebum.
prepares the complexion for foundation/BB cream. creates perfect skin texture and tonality. boosts the performance of other True Touch complexion products.

let see the pump..

i love this products cause they "honestly" LOL
i mean, it's really full volume 50ml, usually the packaging was big but the contents not many =.= just 50% air 50% the contents LOL

result :
from picture

 the texture cream but no sticky

it's blend! :D
the result same with that picture :D
this primer really make my skin smooth and make my make up long lasting ;)

selca of this week LOL
i'm used this primer.

okee this is the end for this week...
see you soon...
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thank you and......
byeeee <3

Friday, August 17, 2012

Skin Food tomato smoothies tint no.3 (orange)

잘 재닜엇어요,?!
this week i will review my orange lip tint from Skin Food.
i'm interesting about orange lip tint cause i seen Lee Yeon Hee ssi (이연희 씨) from 유령 (ghost) drama :D
if you watch this drama, you will know keke
i reallly love her orange lip XD

she's fucking prettyyyy right??!!
i love his drama :D
i know her first from drama Paradise Ranch played by Sim Chang Min from TVXQ too XD
and i more love her for his new drama Ghost *.*
this drama realllyyy interesting :D
recommend to watch that

oke back to lip tint
i buy this lip tint cause curious LOL
i think if i buy fresh cherry from Etude House, another blogger haved review it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
so i buy from Skin Food cause when i'm searching, is no blogger review it LOL
they has 3 color :
Red tomato (레드 토마토)
Pink tomato (피그 토마토)
Orange tomato (오렌지 토마토)

packaging :
it's cute :D like another product from Skin Food, they always put some vegetables or fruit for his product :D

texture :
like cream, but i don't like it :(
i like tony moly tint cause the texture like watery.

the result :

but.. i love the result :D
it's natural orange, not too much so can make your lips freak :D
and....... i love the smells, orange smells XD

this my review for this week..
hope you enjoy it :D
see you soonnnn :D
안녕... ㅠ

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cream Spaghetti

i know maybe you shocked,right?
'what? cream spaghetti recipe on beauty blog' kekeke
i just want to share about my cooking experience :D
first i know cream spaghetti from 우리 결혼했어요 WGM ( We Got Married, korean variety show about married life)
i watched YongSeo couple ( Yonghwa from CNBlue and Seohyun from Girls Generation)

that episode, Seohyun made for her brother-in-law (member CNblue) kekeke

this couple so cute but my BEST COUPLE from WGM still ALSIN and LETTUCE COUPLE :D
AlSin couple is Alex and Sinae, they really sweettt and romantic couple

i'm so envy with this couple
i wanted to have boyfriend like alex LOL
the most episode of alsin is : when alex washed sinae foot!

i'm envy with shinae :'(
i wish my future husband want to do foot massage for me :P

and lettuce couple, it's kim hyun joong(SS501) and hwangbo :D
or the older and the younger LOL

but they really match cause hyunjoong is man who wanted to make his girl laugh and happy :')
hyunjoong is type man of take care his wife :')

oke back to recipe kekeke
when you want make, you need :

  • spaghetti
  • oil
  • 1 onion
  • 1 cup liquid milk (or more according to preference)
  • 1 red, green and yellow paprika
  • chili
  • mushrooms
  • garlic
  • sausage / nuggets / meatballs or all of them like me keke
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cheese

oke, let's start
1.boil spaghetti until cooked and drained.
2.heat oil and add the garlic and onions, cook until fragrant
3.input sausage / nuggets / meatballs
4.add salt, pepper, and chili
5.input milk little by little
6.enter the spaghetti, stir and let stand while adding the milk little by little
7.input wheat flour that has been entered in the mixed water
and last, cook until slightly thickened and input cheese
 and my result is.............

oke this my short post for WGM and my cooking experience
hope you enjoy it :D
안녕 <3

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lip Ice Sheer Color

i'm back.. :D
1 week ago i'm promised to review my lip balm.
and i'm used Lip Ice Sheer Color.

there's have 3 flavor :
- cherry
- strawberry
- apple
i'm buyed the apple one.

this lip balm really cute,they packaging is pink! :D
this the inside the lip balm.

this lip balm can make lips natural pink.
but you can't see the pink,right? :'( but when you apply that, it's really make pink color, not too much.
like another lip balm, they helps treat chapped lips.
the price is RP. 22.000,- i got it on supermarket hehehe

oke this is the end of this week.
hope you enjoy it..
btw i got new primer and lip tint :D
will review soon and i wanted to make some make up video. keke
and i wanted to make some recipe of my cooking too! :D
hope you can wait for me ;)
see you soon....
byeee... <3

my first video tutorial

i'm back :D
this time i make some video tutorial
sorry if the camera not good, i'm used webcam camera :'(
comment veryy welcome ㅋㅋ

Friday, August 3, 2012

Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit

i'm back this week for review my daily skin care
this week i will review Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit from Etude House
i using this for my daily skin care

let's start..
this is Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit
there's have :
- facial freshener
- emulsion
- first essence
- eye cream
- cream

this kit really complete, so i used them for 3 month ago and the result is really really pretty..
them make my skin smooth,taut and glowing.
here my review detail :

Facial Freshener

this is like toner but i use this after i use my Face Shop facial mist aloe * you can see in this blog too*
first i use facial mist as toner after that i use this.

emulsion something like moisturizer but in asia they said this emulsion.
it's same thing :D
texture like cream of course.

First Essence
i really like this essence cause they make my skin taut and glowing :D
this essence little sticky but just a few minutes when you apply on your face.

Eye Cream
usually i use eye cream just once at week  and i love this eye cream. this make my wrinkling reduced

this cream like another cream. not a special cream LOL

btw yesterday i went to Taman Anggrek Mall
just buy some accessories and i wanted to make some pasta, maybe i will review it LOL
the black one was accessories for make bun hair or in korea say 개똥머리 ㅋㅋㅋ
my hair so less so i can make bun hair :(
and i buy some korean ice cream..!
이 아이스크림을 너무 맜있어요..!
너무 좋아요!
this ice cream is sandwich ice cream with cookies!
 selca of today keke
ignore my stupid face and pajama keke
my face really get better after i use all of my skin care ;)

oke this is the end of review this week..
next week i will review my lip balm, so stay tune..
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see you soon
byeee... <3