Friday, July 27, 2012

daily skin care : Garnier Pure Active

안녕하세용 ㅋㅋㅋ
와.. 오래만에요 ㅠㅠ 
really sorry i can't update every week because i have some problem this week
i hope i can update every week for you guys :D

this week i will review my daily skin care
my daily skin care is :

- facial foam
- facial mist as my toner
- essensse
- emulsion
- cream
- eye cream
and sleeping pack

first i will review my facial foam
and this is my facial foam
 Garnier Pure Active
they say this facial foam have a multi-action. this foam can remove :
- oily skin
- pimples
- whiteheads
- dirt
- enlarged pores
- irregular texture

well when i tried, this foam make my skin smooth and pimples rarely appear
this foam contains purifying salicylic acid, an afficient anti-bacterial active combined with regenerating herbaRepair from blueberry extract to visibly fight 6 signs of acne day after day.

i love this foam :D
really make my skin good :D

like :
- cheap ( just RP.20.000,-)
- Really visibly fight 6 signs of acne

dislike :

btw, today i walk in mangga 2 and i found this!
  a cute korean mirror! XD
i really excited when i got this. cause i really want it!
i got a black one cause they just have one color :D
so cute right??

oke this my review for this week.. see you next week with my next daily skin care :D and this selca of this week keke

see you.. <3


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Etude House Code B Eyeliner Cream ( Strong Black)

안녕하세요 ㅋㅋ
오랜만에요.. ㅋㅋ
today i will review my eyeliner
i'm using Code B eyeliner from Etude House..
this is my first time use cream eyeliner, usually i'm just use pencil eyeliner

 Let's start!
there's have 3 color
#1 strong black
#2 black (ordinary black)
#3 brown

i'm buyed the strong black.
the texture like cream of course.  you got that brush too when you buying :)
but i usually using angle brush to make angle eyeline ^^

the step you can do if you first time use cream eyeliner

original size

and the result is : .......................
this smokey eyes make up

 i really like this eyeliner :D

simply eyeline ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

i really love this eyeliner.. maybe you can try :D

like : 
- easily blend
- really strong black color
- long lasting
- waterproof

dislike :
- hard to remove * you must double clean with eyes remover*

sorry if this post maybe seem like i'm lazy.. this's because i'm sick today... hope i can get well soon ㅠㅠ
next review i will show you what skin care i using everyday :D
see you soon <3
안녕 ㅋ

임가은 a.k.a yosella

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My story about beauty

hello everyone :D
now the post is my story about my self and why i love make up, fashion, etc.

before.. i don't know about beauty, BB cream, skin care and others. before i really don't treat my face for skin care ._. just facial foam and cream ._.
before my face many pimples =.= they always out..!! when the one lose, one else was out *.* and my face always dry and really sensitive =.=

first blog i saw when i know beauty was stella lee :D I really thanks too her!! she recommend a good skin care, how to make up, and she say like just " love your self" or " find your true self" when i seen her blog :D
the second i saw my lovely sister :D they a blog with indonesian language, she lovely too like stella lee ;))

my inspiration was shoshanah serli novilia :D
shee really prettyyy *.*
she looks like korean woman *.*
she was a model for etude house *.*

actually, make up make people beautiful right?
but many people dislike a beautiful woman cause they think IT JUST PRETTY CAUSE WEARING MAKE UP or THEY USED PHOTOSHOP
i don't know why some people bashing a beautiful woman just cause they wear a make up?!!
i know not all people can have a same think about make up but just don't bashing them!
i say this cause some people bashing one pretty girl just they seen a old photo of her =.=

i know some people don't like to wear make up cause they think can make they face unreal
BUT.. you must see this *not bashing yaa* :D

 see?? the one and the second was a same woman :D you can see the power of make up
i don't say woman who not wear make up so ugly BUT make up can make the aura of woman beauty out! :D
my recommend is after you use make up , double clean your face with cleansing oil and facial foam. after that, use skin care :)
my face getting better because i using skin care and twice a week i'm masker my face with zamian gold cacao mask * you can see my mask review too on my blog*

and last but not a least don't often wear make up cause face need a oxygen too :)

oke just my sh*t talk about beauty kekeke
see youu soon

The Face Shop Aloe Facial Mist and about facial mist

hello everyonee...
today i will review about facial mist.
Face mist is a liquid product that contains a formula that works to moisturize and refresh skin.
and i used  The Face Shop Aloe Facial Mist to review.
i can't give you a capture cause i don't have a good camera so you can't see how clear that was.

The Face Shop Aloe Facial Mist

this item is a new facial mist from the face shop. before i don't know about facial mist cause i don't use that for my make up base. but i know facial mist can be base make up before you using BB cream.
facial mist can make your face refresh again when your face got dry. you can spray this all your face.
and first time i know facial mist from drama "Secret Garden" *for kpop dramas, you exactly know this drama* hahaha
i seen kim joo won *played by hyun bin* mom kekeke
and you can see the secret garden parody by big bang on youtube kekekeke played by daesung kekekeke
part 1 :
part 2 :
recommend huahahaha... XD

oke back to the review..
i used this before i apply BB cream, so my step make up is :
- skin care
- facial mist
- base *if you have it
- BB cream

actually all the facial mist is good, no matter what brand it is. the body shop, etude house or many brand has a facial mist and all of them good :)
so you can choose what good for you.

like about the face shop aloe facial mist :
- refresh my face when it dry

dislike :
-they smell =.= i dont like aloe smell
- expensive for me cause it's RP 100.000 just for a water

oke this my review for this week :D
 see you soon..

Friday, July 6, 2012

Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer No.#1

i can update my blog :'(
cause my internet suck, i can't doing anything!
today i will review highlighter from Etude House
there's has 3 choice
1.  Pure Nymph Aura
2.  Briliant
 3. Clear water
i will review them of all soon but first i will review no 1 Pure

this is my first time to used highlighter. before i really curious why korean face can be healthy, and i found that because BB cream and highlighter.

i used this highlighter just on my check and on T-Zone area
like this :
you can see the glowing are on my cheek right?
it's make my skin look so smooth and healthy :D
i just put it on a little cause i don't want to make it like over oil
like this :
she used for full face and honestly i don't like it
cause indonesian people like matte skin :D
but for me, i like glowing skin. not dry or too much oil :)

yesterday i'm going to Mangga 2 Square for shopping and this my outfit

my mom give me this blouse :D
i got a new shoes!
 a baby blue shoes :D

oke.. that's my small review about this highlighter and my activities :D
see you soon..!