Sunday, January 27, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe

진짜 오래만이다!!!
정말 미안해요, 바쁘니까, 브록을 썼어요... ㅠㅠ
oke back to english ㅋㅋㅋ

warning : its reallyyy longg post.
First time i want to say thank you for sparkleapple who post about this cute front ^^

this post i will tell you about new product from Etude House ^^
it's not release yet, it will be soon!
it's release at 1 february 2013 :)
and now icon for Etude House not sandara park again but
its krystal(그리스탈) and sulli(설리) from f(x)!!!!

그리스탈 was 동생(young sister/brother) of 제시카(jessica) 소녀시대( girls generation) 

and if you watching "to the beautiful you" you'll known sulli(설리)
she's main actress for that drama with minho(민호) shinee(샤이니) ^^ 

다라언니 예쁘죠??!!
Sandara park now icon for Clio who popular with the black spidol eyeliner
That time the model was...
이효리(Lee hyori)!!

Do you know lee hyori?
Shes sexy diva in korea *.*
Shes really popular with her cat eyes smile .
I love her! ^^
By the way, this just tell the detail for you guys ^^

Etude House Sweet recipe

The theme for this product was valentine day!
Main inspiration product was ice cream, lolipop, cupcake, jelly and chocolate!

I really really love the packaging!
cute Over load for the packaging!!
Its have 4 colors :
Blue, yellow, peach(orange) and purple ^^

Thiss eyeshadow cupcakes!! *.*
Have 5 colors :
Pink, orange, brown,purple and.... silver brown? Lol

Its.... candy stick!
I think its lip tint.. but creamy texture?
The tittle just write sweet recipe candy stick, they not tell its lip tint or lip gloss.
Have 3 colors : no 1 was pink, no.2 orange and the yellow one was peach i think.

Its chocolate eyeshadow! *.*
Its for smokey brown eyes..
Really curious for this one!

And its white chocolate highlighter!!
I wanna buy this one! Hihihi

And guess what..??
Its eyeliner!!!
Smudge liner!! *.*
Have 2 colors : dark brown and milk choco color!
Wanna buy it too... hihi

Thiss jelly lipstick.
Have 8 colors, 2 of them was tint color.
I think its glossy color.

And for face, this is the base.
Have 3 color : green for redness, purple for yellowness and skin tone color for normal skin ^^

And this one was multipropose hihi
Can use to be blush on, lip tint and eyeshadow!

This is end for my details of new product from Etude House..
I will comeback soon!
Many makeup stuff i wanted to buy for chinese new year!
Finally, i can get angpao soon LOL
Just wait for me,oke?
하루 잘보내세용ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Etude House False Eyelashes #05 Natural

새해 복많이받으세요 :D
it's mean : happy new year in korean :D
i hope you guys happy and keep healthy on this 2013 ^^
this's first post on 2013..
flashback on 2012, so many things i did on about, my first learn about makeup that time, learn about this life and etc.
i hope this year i can reach my hope.
and i wish you too,dear ^^

btw, this post about false eyelashes from etude house.
i think etude house was the only one korean brand who has false eyelashes collection *correct me if i wrong*
i bought it cause curious.
so let's start!

Etude House False Eyelashes #05 Natural

1 pair eyelashes include the glue.

first sight i look i worried it will look so dramatic effect not natural
but when i tried, wow!
it's so so so natural and conform XD
really love itt..!!
the glue when you apply it, the color will be blue color *.*

셀카 타임..!! ㅋㅋ

sooo natural effect right? :D
i wear it when i go out with my mom with the red contact lens XD
try the false eyelashes from etude house :)
if i not wrong, they have 7 collection false eyelashes.

next post maybe i will review my new cream skincare.
i have try it for 1 month ago and the result so so good.
you can see the photo before my skin look better cause the cream *.*
see you soon, bye <3