Saturday, September 22, 2012

A'PIEU Kissable Tint Stick SPF14 PA+ : Magic

hellooo.. i'm back!
i update on this saturday cos i not watching SM town world tour jakarta :(
do you watching?
i don't watching cos i just E.L.F :D
just wanted SS5 soon! XD

oke back to the review
i will review new lip tint but in stick mode.
i buy this cos i curious with magic color, they say it's follow to your lips color.
i wanted to have milk pink lips! :'( but i can't found the lipstick with milk pink color.

let's start!

i'm buy the magic one.
let's see the packaging :

the outer packaging with plastic but inner with cute flower design >.<

i love flower design >.< it's so cute!

and this the lip tint stick :

texture like lip balm and.. i love it!
you can use this everyday!
it's can be lip balm cos make lips moisture :D
the color is like soft pink :)

the result :

see?! it's just one layer XD
it's become milk pink ;)

love this!

oke this is my review for this week.. see you soon ;)
my selca :
NO MAKE UP AND CIRCLE LENS *hope you not shock
no edit, just bright it!

yosella <3

Saturday, September 15, 2012

from to

just information! :D
i change my blog name from yosellalie to T-ramissU ;)
please remind and bookmark yaa :D LOL

wait me for new review next week..! :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NYX Above & Beyond FULL Concealer In Jar ( CJ01 PORCELAIN)

i'm back as i'm promise before, i will review my concealer.
i use NYX concealer In jar. before i wanted to buy korean concealer but when i see the review in other blog it's not good :(
and i saw this concealer from eki's blog :D
and i'm interesting to try.

 this the color of the concealer. they have 13 colors.

 and i buy the porcelain.

let's start!

the packaging is simple. not special. it's like mini glass.

 first time i looked this i think this cream texture like BB cream or foundation but.. actually like this.

i don't know how to explain LOL
you can use your finger or use concealer brush.
but i like to use my finger.

i try to use eyeliner to trying,
i use my cream eyeliner.
like this :
after that i put my concealer
and the result is.....

and perfectly cover the eyeliner :0
it's good concealer
i give this 4 of 5 score :D
i just use this for my acne =.=

by the way, i just got my cleansing oil and new lip stick ( lip tint but in stick)
i will review soon! ;)
and i buyed some clothes from GOWIGASA and i buy the lens too.
i buy princess mimi bambi green from tsubasa masuwaka!
i wanted to have this one <3
love the jumpsuit ;) it's really pretty!

oke this is the end of the review hope you enjoy it.. see you next time :D


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Simple Ulzzang Lips ( Red and Orange)

안녕.. ㅋㅋ
난 컴백이다 ㅋㅋ
before i review my concealer i want give a tips about ulzzang lips.
if you a k-pop you will know ulzzang it's mean best face..
and the popular ulzzang as i know is kim shin yeong.
she's really cute..>.<

if you read fanfiction, usually they use kim shin yeong photo for the main cast..

this ulzzang lips :
 the red one

i just use :
- lip tint
(i'm using tony moly lip tint and skin food smoothing orange) you can see my review before.
- lip gloss ( i'm using oriflame, i forgot what the name is)

1. you must use lip concealer but if you don't have you can use BB cream like me.
2. put lip tint JUST INSIDE of lips!
after that you put lip gloss.

and the result :


and orange!
sorry i not capture when i try the orange :'(
it's simple right? :D
try this! ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

just want you know LOL

hellooo everyone..
sorry long time i not update my blog cause my busy work :'(
hope i will back this week for review my concealer ;))
hope you will waiting for me LOL
hope you all happy and..
GOD bless you, guys