Thursday, June 28, 2012

NYX Round Liptick

i'm back.! XD
this time i will review my lovely liptick, NYX Round Liptick
i'm buyed 2, Pumpkin Pie and Orange soda.
i really love this lipstick cause the color really out and cheap.

let's start!

바보 얼굴 ㅋㅋㅋ (stupid face)
left : Pumpkin Pie
Right : Orange Soda
left : Pumpkin Pie
Right : Orange Soda
the result is............................
Bare Lip

so sorry because i haven't SLR camera :'(
pumpkin pie like natural liptick and can use for everyday make up ;)
this color not make your lip fake, this make your lip glossy ;)


pretty right?!! ( i mean the lipstick not me) LOL!
that color make my lip sexy LOL
orange soda more nude than pumpkin pie.

if you interesting with another color, you can visit stella lee blog  and my lovely sister blog ;)
i really recommend orange soda

like :
the color really out
cheap ( just RP 35.000/pcs)!

dislike :
smell like soap
little creamy so if you finished used, place lipstick on freezer
got online, they haven't counter in indonesia yet :(
not really lost lasting just 2-3 hours

finish for this review ;)
see you next timee :D

<3 yosella <3

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tony Moly Lip Tint (Red Apple)

 helloo.. i'm back for review what lip tint i used. i used Tony Moly Lip Tint Red Apple.
i really like this lip tint cause can blend on my lip and long lasting ;)

let's start!

they have 2 color
i'm used the red one.

this product used too by goo hye sun ( boys before flower played for geum jan di)
they have a mini bottle too if you wont buy a original size like on photo :)

this when apply,
left : cherry pink
right : red apple

let's see when i'm using.
this the original size of tony moly tint.

my pure lip ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

apply like this cause if too much it will make your lip like fake red lip not natural one.

the result is....................
pretty right?!
that natural red lip, like ulzzang natural lip :)
 ( sorry for my no make up face and no circle lens) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

i will back for another review, so wait for me next week :D
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안녕히게세요 ^^

Friday, June 22, 2012

GEO Super Nudy Grey

hellooooo... finally! i can update my blog.. :')
1 week my internet so slow i don't know why :'(
cause of that i just can update now :D
this is my first time to review lens. this is circle lens with diameter 14,8mm
it can bigger your eyes cause normal lens just 14,2mm :D

let's start!


 I'm buy the grey one cause i lovee grey lens :D
don't know why i love it more than blue, green or brown lens
this is the packing of lens
i got cute case too :D it's purple pig! kekeke
you can got animal case when you buy circle lens.

and this the case :D cute right?  

and the result is...

natural light (in room)
out room
sorry for scary photos kekeke

no flash

with flash

i really love it! pretty right?!
cost is RP 100.000
i'm buyed from my friend Sherly Natalia

i wanted to buy some camera like SLR Camera for my review keke
hope i can buying soon!
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see you next review

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Outfit

hi everyone.. long time no see kekeke.. i'm so sorry can't always online and review cause my busy days. now i will review some outfit. this is my first time i'm review about clothes, so i'm sorry if so bad keke and from now, i will use english for my review,  so every body can read hehe.. and if i can i wanted to use korean language too butt.. my korean still intermediate level kekeke so cant longer to hard conversaton
and last, i'm so sorrryyy if my english so badly *bow*

oke, we start
early june i was buyed some clothes :D many clothes i wanted to buy but.. no money *poor me
so pick one of the best *for me kekeke
and my choose is.......
original photo
Material :

you got shirt and the pants too! the pant are black color too.

this cute right?? :D
first time i saw this, i really want it! kekeke
so i buy the black one *because i dont have any black shirt*
and finally......!
this original size
it's looks like in original photos :D
i really love ittt..... ;)

my selca *self camera* kekekeke

it cute right??
 i buy in cha syahreza :D


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zamian Gold Cacao Mask Pack

akhirnya sempet juga review ini XD padahal ini udah di coba dari minggu lalu, tapi karena pekerjaan and segala tetek bengek nya jadi baru sekarang review nya :D

Zamian Gold Cacao Mask Pack

Zamian Gold Cacao Mask Pack + 2 sabun nya ( cacao and olive soap)

hasil menurut orang lain ( di gambar itu kemasan lama, yang baru warna merah )

pertama aku beli memang karena liat foto ini and pengalaman dari orang lain, semua bilang bagus jadi nya penasaran buat coba.

cara pakai nya di oles gitu jadi dia bukan tipe yang langsung tempel.

1. cuci muka dulu pake sabun warna coklat/ hitam
ini bentuk sabun nya

 2. Pakai mask nya.
kotak mask nya

tube mask nya.
bentuk mask nya, cream gitu bau nya kayak coklat :9
muka ku sebelum di mask, mungkin di sini ga gitu jelas tapi kalau kamu lihat aku langsung bakal ngeliat banyak bintik merah dan juga jerawat kecil =.=
ini saat aku pake mask nya. ( sebenar nya ini baru ajaa tadi jam 5 sore tgl 7 juni di ambil XD)
kalau sudah 30-45 menit, cuci pakai sabun olive ini


di sini keliatan banget muka jadi halus sesudah pakai mask nya. tadi nya kan ada merah-merah gitu setelah pakai ini udah ngak lagi ^^

ini lebih jelas nya.

hasil nya memuaskan dalam sekali pakai XD
untuk hasil maksimal kayak foto pertama, pakai minimal 1-2x seminggu
ini cocok untuk semua kulit ^^