Sunday, June 9, 2013

[Tutorial] Lee HyoRi Makeup on "Bad Girl" Music Video

안녕하세요 ^^
도라가 ㅋㅋㅋ
today as my promise, i will post about :
Lee HyoRi Makeup on "Bad Girl" Music Video

do you have watch her music video?
it's so funny lol
but i really really like her style.
fashion and makeup.
her tanned skin is really gorgeous *.*
i like her skin.

who don't have watching her video, here i give you ^^

so this time dark makeup is the point for this look.
it's simple
you just need
dark brown eyeshadow
black eyeliner
and black eyeshadow

oke, let's start!

first, i'm brow my eyebrow with black eyeshadow.
the point is let it straight!!
don't make it high. just medium thin and straight.

second, use dark brown eyeshadow with angle eyeshadow brush and put it on outter conner of the eyes.
and blend it out with blending brush.

third, line your lash line with black eyeliner. i use gel liner.

forth, use bronzer and make it like V line. don't need to put blush. cause tanned skin more use bronzer than blush.

fifth, for lips, firstly use lip balm or lip conditioner to make it smooth.
after that use black eyeshadow. be careful, don't put it so much!
make it like soft dark not truly 100% dark.

and finish..

but like this one

you just change your lips color with red/ dark red lipstick.
i'm use red lipstick ^^

okeee finish :D
hope you enjoy it and see you on next post.
i will review some product cause i have many product i can't review yet.
and this is my product of this month :

review soon!
see you soon girls..
bye <3