Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Mind and My Heart want say something

this post not about beauty, i just want to say what on my mind now and what are my heart say.
do u have some annoying people?
of course u have lah at least just one.
what i want to share was about my feeling when some people annoying.
sometimes i think i don't have any mistakes for they lah.
but yes, i had a fight with they before on junior high school. but what was made me so confused is until now they still distrub me =.=
or in my look side they still annoying.
do u  know what are i said when i see they talk about me :
" OMG i'm on topic now"
yeah, i still calm and just stay to watch what next they would say.
but i'm not lied, i'm angry, i'm disappointed, want to cry and bla bla bla.
i write some dirty word but in korea on my private twitter not on my 'real' account.
something that i can't think of was :
they comment my life style.
hey, this is my life style, i'm not steal your money or waste your money.
i buy all makeup stuff with my money.
my savings money. *i must bold it*
monthly i save 800-1 million rupiah and i use for my makeup stuff or for my mom if she's need it.
and until now, i saving for other stuff like concert, buy new phone and other.
they ALL my money!
my savings money!
why did you comment on even this's not yours.
i know lah, 'so waste buy new stuff even i have it before'
but once again, this's my style, this's my life and this's my money.
start from last month, i just buy new skincare cause my skin care have been exhausted.
and i'm buy new brush for apply bb cream cause i don't have it before, and i'm buy original eyeshadow cause before i use FAKE eyeshadow.
just let u know, i'm buy sample skincare product for my routine skincare and i have been use them 9 months!
even them just small size! JUST 10-15ml!! but i can use them almost 1 year!
my bb cream, my gel eyeliner, my lip tint too. THEY ALL ALMOST 1 YEAR!
i wanted to buy new gel liner next month cause it's dry out! not for show off.
i'm review it cause I'M BEAUTY BLOGGER!
if u don't like it, JUST NOT READ! 
simple right?
they said i'm exhausted : yeah for your side look but for me or other makeup stuff lover it's not!
and about my awful english : i know, i really know my english so bad. cause my weakness was grammar.
i still study and learn about it. so please understand me.
about my makeup tutorial : i don't have a good camera recorder like handycam, i'm just have webcam. cause of that, the sound can't out well but at least the tutorial still good,
please understand it, or if u don't like it just don't watch! simple right?
my motto:
i just want to life what are i want.
if it's make me happy, i would do.
no matter how many money i waste.
i angry cause they don't know me. we are not close friend.
even my best friend not comment at all for my life style.
until now, i think i still want to say 육 to the haters.
something like that. sorry i said that cause i can't stand anymore.
i know they lah, even i'm not closer with they.
i just calm like i don't know they, acting like i don't know about their life and bla bla bla.
haa just let me say 'it's relieved' :)
i can't stand anymore for they and i want to against.
what ever u say lah.. if u can bash me, i can bash u too.
if u respect me, i'm respect too.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Etude House Dear My Blooming Check (OR202)

안녕하세용 예쁜 여자들 ㅋㅋ
메리 크리스마스..!!!
today i will review about blush on and my choose was etude house cause it's cheaper than other brand :p lol
they have 4 colors and me buy the orange mix pink color.

the orange was for highlighter but i like use just this but the color not really out, just come little for the color.
left : pink color                           middle:orange highlighter        right : mix (pink and orange mix)
the highlight jus for highlight so the orange color not really out :(
for the pink of course out cause it's so pigmented.
but i like to mix them.
the color was nudy pink/ peach soft color :D
love the color when it mix.

oke, just short post right? lol
i will back for video tutorial ^^
just wait and stay tune on my blog.
thank u dear..
love u... byee <3

Saturday, December 22, 2012

[Video Tutorial] HyunA"Ice Cream MV" Makeup Tutorial

안녕하세용 ㅋㅋ
today i made my first video makeup tutorial.
and i made HyunA from Ice Cream makeup tutorial.
if you haven't watch her music video, check this :D

and here my makeup tutorial ;)

thank you for watching, ladies ^^

Monday, December 17, 2012

[Tutorial] Bella Cullen Vampire Makeup Tutorial

yuhuu hahaha
today i'm posting 2 post cause i think i can't wait to show you how the tutorial is.
it's simple,really. just basic chocolate color.
everyday i studied to get best tutorial for me
and my choice is tanya burr :D
she's artist makeup, she's gorgeous 
i love her.
and this was the video's.

she's gorgeous right?!
i love all of her tutorial :D
it's simple and  make beautiful effect.

i search for another tutorial and my folder full of the bella cullen vampire tutorial XD

yeah i got some obsession for this makeup.
and i fans of kristen stewart too ^^ 
so i make tutorial from my own.
this's capture from Breaking Dawn part 2 :

let's start!

i'm using NYX 10 eyeshadow colors caviar & bubbles from NYX.

i'm using 4 color for this.

for the eyes :
1. use eyeshadow base ( me : etude house look at my pearls base)
2. use eyeshadow brush and put the white color all of eyelid. it's for my base color cause my skin color was little brown.

 3. i mix the no 2 and 3 and blend it to all around eyelid.
4. i use no 4 for outer and my crease line. and put it on lower lashes too.

5. wear false eyelashes. i'm use this random false eyelashes.

and your done. ^^

for face :
i just use light shade BB cream with M.A.C #187 duo fiber foundation brush.
and i don't use blush on cause bella don't wear it too.
use some bronzer for your cheeck ( i'm use dark brown cause i don't have bronzer)

for lip :
i'm use my lovely lip tint from tony moly in red apple.
blend all around your lip.

put red softlens and wear blue dress if you have
and your done!! 
it's simple right?! :D
maybe cause my f*ck camera phone you can't see clear :'(
so sorry ladies for it.
2 month later i'm promise buy new camera :) with flash of course :p
this is full face photo for this tutorial :

hope you enjoying this post and i will make one tutorial too.
JANE VOLTURI tutorial ^^
hope soon i can post it.
see you soon ladies byee <3

GEO Edge Nine Color AN-A48 (Deep Red)

hai hai hai :D
before i'm post about the makeup tutorial, i'm want to review this first.
i'm buy this lenses for my bella cullen makeup tutorial ;)

oke let's start!
GEO Edge Nine Color ( Deep Red)
Diameter : 14.2mm
water : 38%
origin : korea/japan

 i'm buy different minus cause minus 1 out of stock :(

Pattern :

if you zoom it, you will see that it's simple with black dot around outer lens not full black out.
i like the pattern cause make dramatic effect for my eyes.
i give 4/5 for the pattern

diameter :
it's normal just 14.2mm :( so it's don't make largement eyes but i think if the diameter like 14.8mm it's scary cause it's make eyes bigger and with red color, u know it's scary hahaha.
i give 3/5 for the diameter.

conform :
it's conform enough for me but in AC room it's quickly dry :(
i give 3/5 for the conform.

effect :
nah this i will give 5/5 LOL
cause i lovee the effect on my eyes. it's beautiful, simple and what ever lah.
i feel like new born vampire :D

outdoor sunlight :


i know maybe u will think it's scary, but when u wear that, it's sooo beautiful and not scary
that's why i love this lens.
i would to wear everyday really hahaha and i would wear this contact lens when i'm go out XD
okee this is the end for the review. see u soon on my photo makeup tutorial.
hope u not disspointed for the makeup tutorial cause it's really really simple but give a beautiful effect ;)
see u soon ladies.. bye <3

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My New Brush Collection (M.A.C and Masami Shouko)

i'm back XD
this post maybe will be short again lol *i promise*
this is my first time post about brush.
i have brush set but it's china brand so i don't need to review lah hihi
and i just want to completely the brush cause i need some brush for my makeup.
and it is...
M.A.C #187 fiber foundation brush with
Blending and Angled Eyeliner Brush from Masami Shouko.
Blending and Angled Eyeliner Brush i'm buy on Kay Collection who import dolly wink and other japan cosmetic and for M.A.C i buy from flame paradise on facebook.

they both have all brush. set and individual.
from Kay Collection : for the price hmm not expensive lah.. around IDR20.000-120.000 for individual brush ;)
and from flame paradise individual more expensive than set. flame paradise not sell original brush, just KW but the quality really really good enough :)
so it's up to u hihi
this's my first japan stuff,really.
i often buy korean brand, cause i love korean lah hahaha

oke, let's start!

208 large blending brush
size : 14cm
price : IDR 28.900
natural bristles.
ideally shaped to apply eye shadow or eye shadow primers to the lid area. used to blend shadows together for a natural look or to apply color all over the lid.

308 small angled brush
size : 14cm
price : IDR 34.900
to apply sharp and precise lines along the lash line. also ideal to apply cream shadow or to fill  out eyebrows. suitable for liquid, gel, or cream product.

what i love is it's sooooo soft! not make my eyes hurt cause the bristles so thin and elastic ;D
i love them.
wanna buy other brush ;)
and maybe i wanna buy dolly wink false eyelashes too :D

M.A.C #187 Fiber Foundation Brush.
price : IDR 60.000

i really love this fiber brush, the bristles really soft!!
it's really good for apply foundation or BB cream :D
u can feel the different. when finger apply and with the brush on.
with brush, it's more natural and can cover all around face.
recommend thiss!

oke this is the end for my review. *so short right?! keke
see u next post about...........
Bella Cullen Makeup Tutorial for RED EYES!
maybe i will review the softlens first ;)
see u next ladies <3
follow my instagram or twitter or facebook for new photo of me LOL

Friday, December 7, 2012

Etude House Look At My Eyes Pearl Shadow Base

i'm back again...!!

this month maybe i will post many things ;)
so this month i often to post :D
maybe once on a week lol
it's oke lah, better than once on 2 week :p
this month i reallyyy buy many makeup stuff.
 like brush, skincare and of course the makeup too.
i excited lah even money was 'gone' cause of this ._.
if u follow my instagram, everyday for this week i'm often post photo there.
so please kindly follow my instagram : yosella

warning : long sh*t talking LOL

anyway, i buy brush from Kay Collection, blending eye shadow brush and angled eyeliner brush.
i will review them soon ;) just stay tune...
and i buy eye shadow pallete from NYX.
will review it too..

this week i really busy to practice some tutorial as i promise u.
yes, bella cullen vampire makeup tutorial.
just 2 days ago i practice them. not bad but not good enough too.
my problem was.... i can't play eye shadow colors. i can't see the different for the colors :(
until now, i still study for it. hope ladies can help me :)
i'm professional for face makeup but not for eye shadow, it's just beginner.
and this's result for my yesterday practice :

what do u think?
honestly i not wear bb cream. that's my bare face *lucky yesterday my face sooooooooooo good :D
i just wear false eyelashes and red lip tint.
i will keep practice lah for good bella cullen makeup tutorial.
i buy red lens too :D
from GEO. Will review it too hihihi

by the way,
today, afternoon, my skincare and makeup stuff just arrived :D
i buy many stuff, blush on, cream, essence, false eyelashes,and... many more.
will review it one by one. hehe
i buy etude house false eyelashes.
even my false eyelashes was so manyyy..!
really, i don't wear it even i buy it -.-
this is all my false eyelashes collection and i got the new one again.
my mom just like '헐' (hol) when she seen it.

i quickly review one of them
the simple one
eye shadow base.. lol

this is my first eye shadow base.
usuallly i'm not use eyeshadow, just gel eyeliner :p
base and primer is same thing just the texture different.
base usually cream or powder
primer with cream texture.
but they has a same function
for make the colors of eyeshadow out.

this will my short post for the review cause it's just simple.
but maybe too long for my sh*t talking LOL

Etude House Look At My Eyes Pearl Shadow Base
size : 1,5cm
weight : 2gram

Packaging :
a transparent for the close cup and soft peach color for the under.

 it's little shimmering but when u use that not.
the glitter will disappear on your eyes.


left : with       right : without

 left : with       right : without

left : with       right : without

u can see, with and without base.
with base the colors more bright and clear to see the color.
and without base the color not bright and look boring color.
if u try wear eyeshadow without base, u can see the color just like 1 color eyeshadow and it can't long lasting without base.
with the base, u can see the different for the color and long lasting.
this is the end for this post LOL
really long right? :D
 i promise to come back soon ;)
next was about....
see u next ladies and stay tune on my blog
love u <3