Wednesday, April 3, 2013

IOPE Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel

so sorry for my lack update cause this month i will so busy for my college prepare :(
maybe next month i just can update on weekend.
i hope you can understand it ^^

first, i want tell you about my diet program cause some people ask me to post it ^^

it's 32 days after. i start my diet on 28th march.
so sorry i forget to take my before picture :(

you see line at my waist on right photo?
it's working
i just eat once and use diet product (if you want to know what it is, dm me on twitter or fb)
but honestly it's hard, cause i must just eat once, even i'm still hungry after 3-5 hours :(
and i must DO NOT eat! :'(
at night, i can't sleep cause i'm hungry :'(
it's really hard and painful for me LOL
but i'm happy for the result even it's not perfect at all. i will trying to keep for 2-3 month later hihi
wanted to made some perfect body like Girls Generation, but it's more hard, i must gym for made abs like Yuri SNSD.

 i got obsession about perfect body and i said i want more skinny than now, my mom angry said i skinny enough and let me to stop dieting.
 sometimes i hate when some people say i'm fat.
really i just try to honest.
even i lose my weight they still say i'm fat =.=
i think like " wtf?! you said it's still fat?"
i know no one and nobody can be perfect right? so am i.
i try to ignore them but......
you know how the feeling right?
annoyed, angry and sad.  ( i must bold and underline this lol)
cause i really dissapointed when people said like that even i tried hard.
but yah........
i just happy lah that i lose my f*cking fat. even it's just 2-4%.
even some people said i still fat.
i love my body now, not fat but not to skinny too.
really, cause i have so much fat on my belly before. =.=
cause i like eat junk food and ignore the green one (vegetables).
but now i try to not eat junk food everyday, maybe once or twice in a month :)
over that, i eat fruit like banana and this diet product :)

oke, to the main topic hihihi :D
this post about my first peeling product, i'm choose IOPE for my peeling.
honestly this is my first time heard brand name IOPE, i just know that from korea and it's medium end product cause the price is expensive even it's small size :(

let's start!

i will describe about peeling first,
peeling was for dead skin, i mean everyday we have so much activities outside
and polution is everywhere and it can will stay on our skin,
that why we must clean our face before sleep,
the polution can make our face dirty and they made pores can't breath that can made acne.
peeling not used everyday, just 1-2 times in a week.
peeling help to remove our dead skin so the skin can regeneration ^^

IOPE Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel.

the texture like the name it's really soft and they have small blue bubble like this.


the process :

after :

i like the result, it's made my skin soft and clean!
just small amount, they can fill on all around face ^^
that i don't like was the size and the price.
the size just 15ml but the price was RP. 50.000,- =.=
i will try another peeling even it's good it's expensive for full size :(

that the end of my review, i'm so sorry it's short :(
i will comeback soon as possible.
maybe i will try often to review or make some tutorial cause next month i'll buy some special product for my artistic makeup college ^^
oke, see you next time, have a nice day everyone <3