Saturday, September 22, 2012

A'PIEU Kissable Tint Stick SPF14 PA+ : Magic

hellooo.. i'm back!
i update on this saturday cos i not watching SM town world tour jakarta :(
do you watching?
i don't watching cos i just E.L.F :D
just wanted SS5 soon! XD

oke back to the review
i will review new lip tint but in stick mode.
i buy this cos i curious with magic color, they say it's follow to your lips color.
i wanted to have milk pink lips! :'( but i can't found the lipstick with milk pink color.

let's start!

i'm buy the magic one.
let's see the packaging :

the outer packaging with plastic but inner with cute flower design >.<

i love flower design >.< it's so cute!

and this the lip tint stick :

texture like lip balm and.. i love it!
you can use this everyday!
it's can be lip balm cos make lips moisture :D
the color is like soft pink :)

the result :

see?! it's just one layer XD
it's become milk pink ;)

love this!

oke this is my review for this week.. see you soon ;)
my selca :
NO MAKE UP AND CIRCLE LENS *hope you not shock
no edit, just bright it!

yosella <3


  1. pilihan warnanya cantik2 ya? ^^
    berapaan tuh? suka yang orange~

    1. iyaa.. aku beli di fb ol : :D
      thanks for your comment ;)

  2. packagingnya terlihat murah yaa tp hasil akirnya bagus ^^

    1. ga murahan kok :D yg bungkus luarnya jaa yg agak gmn gt. bentuk tint stick ny bagus n lucu >.<