Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Lunar Birthday Party and hyunA Makeup Style

hi ladiess.. i'm back for post about today my lunar birthday party and hyunA makeup style.
in my family, birthday date determined by chinese calendar.
as well as in korea. and on lunar birthday now i'm 20 years old =.=
welcome to 20's world
know what i'm thinking now, "God i'm turn 20 yo but i'm not taller than 12 yo school student" LOL!
just want to know i'm 155cm tall and 48kg! F!
i wanted to have 160 or 165cm, everyday i drink milk, jumping (this sh*t i really try everyday, jumping like crazy), but no result, maybe i'm just taller 1cm puffft :p

today in the morning my mom make some prepare for me. 
actually in korea, family who have daughter and she went to 20 yo soon, parents will give you 3 things:
Rose,Parfume and kiss ;)
and.. actually this event has passed :'( it's must on may! but i know about this just on october XP
so maybe it's too late but it's oke, than nothing keke

sooo my mom prepare Rose, parfume for me and she gave me annasui parfume :0
don't know it's original or not, i don't care, i just so touched because my mom prepared this cause she's know i love everything and anything about korean :')
thanks mom <3
and if you follow my instagram, you'll know today i crazy posted many photos on there lol
usually i don't hehe
and who don't follow it, i will posted here.

noodles, tiramisu cake, rose, parfume and eggs LOL

i buy tiramisu cake cause i loveee tiramisu XD

and this the annasui parfume, love the fragrant! so soft and sweet.

me on bare face XD haven't shower that LOL

this's my outfit yesterday when i want to go to breadtalk :D

original photo, love this dress!

and for the stocking, yeah that's fashion stocking not socks :D
in korea, tatoo stocking is popular now but b'cause here in indonesia nothing have a good tattoo stocking so i buy this one ;)

front side.

back side.

i have another 2 pairs too ;) wanted to collection more.

and this my make up yesterday and i try hyunA style makeup on troublemaker MV ;)
love her! she's my inspiration! :D

with pink lips.
face :
Etude House Mineral BB cream
blush on random
Etude House Volumer Highlighter no.1
Etude house Code B Eyeliner gel
EOS blytheye brown lens
Lips :
apiu lip stick on magic color
tony moly lip tint on red apple

and i try full red lips! with lip tint :D and I LOVE IT! so natural!

don't know why i looks like vampire here =.= keke

okee.. this is the end of my story LOL
what do you think?
next month i will make Bella Cullen Makeup tutorial in RED EYES! :D
i try the make up from tanya burr video :D love her!
oke, if you have question, leave a comment or ask me on formspring ;)
see you soon ladies :*

Monday, November 26, 2012

[Lenses From Tomato Lens] EOS Blytheye Brown

hai hai hai :D
i'm back..
this the second review about softlens. and now i will review EOS Blytheye Brown from Tomato Online Shop :D
i know this old product but..... it the most best seller from EOS! :D
i never try EOS but many review said it's good, so let's see how it to me.
 cr : Tomato Online Shop

they have 6 colors and i choose the brown one.
i wanted to buy the pink but my friend said the color pretty but 'scary' if you use for daily :(
this my first brown lens after a long time..
often i choose the grey color. so i excited to this brown lens.
before i wanted to buy princess bambi chocolate but.. many people said it's good but the color not really out.
it's dark brown. i wanted the colors was out. so i choose this cause the colors out.

EOS Blytheye Brown

Specification :
diameter 14.80mm
B.C. 8.60
water content 55%
duration : 12 month/ 1 year

Brand : EOS 
Origin : Korea

Packaging :

Pattern :

They have black ring color for the outside lens and dark brown for inside lens.


Indoor light :

Outdoor Light :

 Diameter :
14.8mm big enough ;) not scary if you use daily :D

golden brown!
love this!
looks like vampire eyes color XD
when i see, i think of bella swan eyes on Breaking Dawn Part 2 LOL
*ignore this :p keke

i try hyunA makeup on troublemaker MV and i love it..!

Comfort :
55% water content.
 it's so comfort! XD
i use around 8-10 hours, not make my eyes tired and dry ;)
even on AC room..

i love thiss!!
dolly look but not scary color lens!
it's golden brown.! XD
diameter 14.8mm but it's enlargement enough for me.
i don't like too much big diameter cause it can look scary not dolly =.=

if you want to buy it from Tomato Lens, mention " YS1011" GET 5% DISKON! :D buy 3 pairs get 10% diskon!

face : Etude House BB Cream
highlighter : Etude House Volumer no.1
blush on random
eyes : Code B Eyeliner gel on deep black
lips : apieu on magic color and tony moly lip tint red apple

oke, this is the end for this review.. see you soon girls ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Baviphat Apple AC Theraphy Sleeping Pack VS Etude House Pink Powder Spot and Pink Powder Water

haii girlss.. :D
like i promise before, i want to make some comparison between :
Baviphat Apple AC Clinic Sleeping Pack with Etude House Pink Powder Spot and Pink Powder Water
as you know they all was acne skin care but let see who the best for acne clinic series.

if you not see my review about this two product, here :

but for Etude House, i'm just used Pink Powder Spot and Pink Powder Water.

this both i'm often use when my acne was grow out.
but both HAS a different result to me.
warning : NO PHOTOS! but i really try it on me when my face grow acne and boil! XP

Texture and Application :
Baviphat Apple AC Theraphy Sleeping Pack is cream texture
and Etude House Pink Powder Spot and Pink Powder Water is water texture.
i like the baviphat cause it's use with spoon so the cleanness more than the etude cause i use my finger for apply it.

Scent :
Baviphat Apple AC Theraphy Sleeping Pack is apple scent of course. and Etude House Pink Powder Spot and Pink Powder Water is like medicine scent.

Baviphat Apple AC Theraphy Sleeping Pack : this can quickly reduse the redness, just one night. but for big acne it's takes 2-4 days to get smaller. for small acne, it's just need one day for.
Etude House Pink Powder Spot and Pink Powder Water : this can't reduse the redness but the BIG acne getting smaller just 1-3 days!

that was my result on me.
when acne grow out, first i use the baviphat.. after the redness disappear, i'm use etude.
it's took one week for recovery the acne :)

so how about you? :D
do you have some different thing for acne solution? :D

Angelina Jolie Make Up Tutorial

hii girls... :D
how are you? :D
today i just tried one make up tutorial but..
it's not my own video.
Promise Phan was my inpiration :D she so gorgeous XD

check this out!
credit: YouTube and Promise Phan

and the result on me is............
from this bare face


don't shock.


captured with webcam :'(
i promise soon i buy DSLR camera :D
so pleasee wait hahaha

what do you think?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit

어머.. 오랜만이에요 ^^
i'm sorry for the late review ㅠㅠ
because i have some problem for work so i can't blogging often
정말 최송합니다 * deep bow*

this week i will review skin care for acne and it's from Etude House.
you know, my acne grow when my period or when i touch with dirty hand!
over that, nothing.

let's start!

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit
the packet was facial foam, toner, lotion, pink powder water, pink powder spot and cotton bud.

back view.

like herbal medicine lol. seriously don't expecting much for this. but not bad lah. not too much strong.

Facial Foam : 30ml
Toner : 25ml
Lotion : 25ml
Pink Powder Water : 5ml
Pink Powder Spot : 5ml
Cotton Bud : 10.

With small plastic pouch XD you can recycling to your make up pouch, for small accessories, or maybe purse :D
domain green colors *.*



Facial Foam :
like another facial foam i think. make your skin smooth and moist :)
nothing special.

Toner :
actually i don't use this toner cause i has wonder pore freshner for toner.
so skip LOL

again, like another lotion, it just for acne :/ BUT it can calm your acne :)

Pink Powder Water :
nah, this i wanted to recommend :D
actually the color was not pink, its white =.= don't know why they name pink.
before you use, PLEASE SHAKE. so it mix with the water on.
after that put it to your acne.

Pink Powder Spot :
this one i recommend too.
this one truly pink :D
but when you use DON'T SHAKE IT!
and put to your acne.
note: not use same cotton bud. use the new one :)

i just use the pink powder water and pink powder spot often.

the acne will calm around 2-3 days. :D

oke this the end for this week review.
next review i will comparison between BAVIPHAT APPLE AC CLINIC SLEEPING PACK

interesting right?!!
sooo waiting for me okeee..
see you ladies...!! <3