Monday, December 17, 2012

[Tutorial] Bella Cullen Vampire Makeup Tutorial

yuhuu hahaha
today i'm posting 2 post cause i think i can't wait to show you how the tutorial is.
it's simple,really. just basic chocolate color.
everyday i studied to get best tutorial for me
and my choice is tanya burr :D
she's artist makeup, she's gorgeous 
i love her.
and this was the video's.

she's gorgeous right?!
i love all of her tutorial :D
it's simple and  make beautiful effect.

i search for another tutorial and my folder full of the bella cullen vampire tutorial XD

yeah i got some obsession for this makeup.
and i fans of kristen stewart too ^^ 
so i make tutorial from my own.
this's capture from Breaking Dawn part 2 :

let's start!

i'm using NYX 10 eyeshadow colors caviar & bubbles from NYX.

i'm using 4 color for this.

for the eyes :
1. use eyeshadow base ( me : etude house look at my pearls base)
2. use eyeshadow brush and put the white color all of eyelid. it's for my base color cause my skin color was little brown.

 3. i mix the no 2 and 3 and blend it to all around eyelid.
4. i use no 4 for outer and my crease line. and put it on lower lashes too.

5. wear false eyelashes. i'm use this random false eyelashes.

and your done. ^^

for face :
i just use light shade BB cream with M.A.C #187 duo fiber foundation brush.
and i don't use blush on cause bella don't wear it too.
use some bronzer for your cheeck ( i'm use dark brown cause i don't have bronzer)

for lip :
i'm use my lovely lip tint from tony moly in red apple.
blend all around your lip.

put red softlens and wear blue dress if you have
and your done!! 
it's simple right?! :D
maybe cause my f*ck camera phone you can't see clear :'(
so sorry ladies for it.
2 month later i'm promise buy new camera :) with flash of course :p
this is full face photo for this tutorial :

hope you enjoying this post and i will make one tutorial too.
JANE VOLTURI tutorial ^^
hope soon i can post it.
see you soon ladies byee <3


  1. Oh my, I loveeeee Twilight! And Breaking Dawn was just awesome!! Anyways, that red contact lenses are awesome. I like it! Great post (:


    1. yeahhh i love the twilight saga more than harry potter :D don't know why i love the concept for the twilight saga.. i even have all the novel series of them and the dvd XD kristen and robert pattinson is perfect match for bella n edward ;) i love this couple :D
      thank u for your comment dear ;)