Saturday, May 25, 2013

M.A.C mineralize Charged Water

i'm comeback! *crying*
finally i have time to update my blog, and as i promised before, i will review my m.a.c product for you guys.
i can't update my blog routine cause i have so much homework and exam everyweek :(
i try my best to update so please forgive me.

so in this post i will review my m.a.c charged water after that i will tell you my makeup class story ;)
so beware for a longgg post hihihi

M.A.C mineralize Charged Water

honestly i buy this cause it's on my makeup list from college and i don't know what it this before, until my teacher tell me.
this is charged water something like elviran water but this more for hydrating skin.
it's really good product cause the result for this product is healthy look skin.
so for dry skin, it's really work.

how to use :
just spray this into face but be careful to the eyes. so don't spray really straight into the face but make it like rain falls, that's the point.

packaging :
the box have like silver glitter and the bottle is transparent with gold glitter ^^
i love the packaging.

what i like :
- it's made a good glowing health skin
- moisture the skin cause the ingredient

what i don't like :OF COURSE THE PRICE!
* i must capslok this*

now i want to share about my makeup class
it's a crazy class and i love it.
it's 13 students included me.
from 16 y.o to 29 y.o students *exclude my teachers hihihi*
p.s : sorry mister if you read this hahaha

in this class i learned about the truth or another say the right one about makeup.
i learned about face shaped, eyes shaped, lips shaped, and etc
and how to be a professional makeup artist.
and it's really..... hard and difficult.
if you say makeup just apply foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick, 
you WRONG, girls.
i must learn about the face shaped and what the right makeup for the face shaped so i can't just apply it and finish.
before i can start to makeup like 30-45 minutes but now i need 2-3 hours for a perfect makeup.
it's really awful.
BUT.... it's interesting and fun.
sometimes when i'm on busway i like to look people face and start to think like
" oh she's good for smokey eyes cause he's eyes balanced"
" her makeup make her so old"
"the color is not matched, green eyeshadow but red lips"
and many more.

this is my makeup case from masami shouko

and the eyeshadows pallete from e.l.f, will review soon.

i don't regret for this way cause i love makeup now.
like my teacher said :
"makeup is the trick not magic"
and i love his words.

i will show you the photos of me, makeup by my friends, by me and by my teachers ;)

by me
it's just a little cause i always to take a photos when it's done :(

by my friends

this one from my friend too, what do you think? yesterday she's doing this makeup ^^
left : with makeup    right : without makeup

hihihi so that's all...
sorry if you got boring cause my full sh*t talk in this post xD
see you next post
maybe.. really maybe i will made tutorial again and this time i will make
lee hyori make up on 'bad girl' music video :D
see you <3

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Activities while Semi Hiatus

it's been 1 month 1 week right i'm not post anything.
i will explain why.
1. cause april i don't have products to review :(
i have like 1 or 2 products but it's not imported things so i didn't post it.
2. i'm busied to prepare my college things.
seriously it's complicated.
i buy M.A.C *real mac* at GI counter and it's sooo expensive :(
but i must buy for my college things.
just 10 products the price is 3.580.000

i didn't buy all it's just 10 :(
if i buy all of the list when i get at college, i need 10-15 juta!
yes i know, the Artistic Make-up need a big modals =.=
if you not prepare your money, it's really kill you for inside and outside lol
when you practice at the class, of course you must used with your own makeup.
so if you want to join on Artistic Make-up, prepare your self and your money.

i'm happy cause i love make-up :D
i want to famous like michelle phan, tanya burr, etc hihihi..
i not lies, i love to be famous. for a good thing of course lol
so for next 4 months i will.. no, i MUST seriously to study.
cause just for 4 months, it's been like 30-40 juta just gone for this departement =.=
i want to be good professional makeup artist, famous and....
eheem,... and get many money for this work LOL.
so, readers.. pray for me :')
hope i can got all this wish.
i will work hard. cause i know it doesn't so easy to get :)
i hope GOD will take me too :)

oke this is just my full sh*t talking.
see you next post. i will review my mac product what i used
and i will buy some korean products *really it's been 2-3 months i didn't buy korean makeup*
for review.
love you guys <3
안녕히계세용 ^^