Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Activities while Semi Hiatus

it's been 1 month 1 week right i'm not post anything.
i will explain why.
1. cause april i don't have products to review :(
i have like 1 or 2 products but it's not imported things so i didn't post it.
2. i'm busied to prepare my college things.
seriously it's complicated.
i buy M.A.C *real mac* at GI counter and it's sooo expensive :(
but i must buy for my college things.
just 10 products the price is 3.580.000

i didn't buy all it's just 10 :(
if i buy all of the list when i get at college, i need 10-15 juta!
yes i know, the Artistic Make-up need a big modals =.=
if you not prepare your money, it's really kill you for inside and outside lol
when you practice at the class, of course you must used with your own makeup.
so if you want to join on Artistic Make-up, prepare your self and your money.

i'm happy cause i love make-up :D
i want to famous like michelle phan, tanya burr, etc hihihi..
i not lies, i love to be famous. for a good thing of course lol
so for next 4 months i will.. no, i MUST seriously to study.
cause just for 4 months, it's been like 30-40 juta just gone for this departement =.=
i want to be good professional makeup artist, famous and....
eheem,... and get many money for this work LOL.
so, readers.. pray for me :')
hope i can got all this wish.
i will work hard. cause i know it doesn't so easy to get :)
i hope GOD will take me too :)

oke this is just my full sh*t talking.
see you next post. i will review my mac product what i used
and i will buy some korean products *really it's been 2-3 months i didn't buy korean makeup*
for review.
love you guys <3
안녕히계세용 ^^

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