Saturday, March 16, 2013

Description of Ulzzang (얼짱)

hai hai hai...
i'm back again.
i think you will think like "tumben" for this post LOL
cause it's just i'm update my blog yesterday and suddenly i posting again today hihihi..

oke, this post i will description about ulzzang ^^
cause yesterday i got many question about it.
let's start!
ulzzang it's mean best face in korean.
soo the mean of best face is have a pretty face or another said a prefect face.
the point of ulzzang makeup was eyes makeup.
the important makeup thing for ulzzang makeup is EYELINER!
i'm often seen all of ulzzang used eyeliner for they makeup.
even they eyes small, they played it with eyeliner.
like example : Ga In Brown Eyed Girl.

and ice skating figure : Kim Yu Na.

they popular with small beautiful eyes, honestly i like they eyes ^^
not all ulzzang have plastic surgery, this is list of ulzzang was popular without plastic surgery.
and most of them become artist now ^^
1. Go Hye Sun
who's don't know she? hihi yes, she's played as Geum Jan Di on Boys Over Flowers. ^^

2. Park Han Byul.
she's actress who played on oh my lady as choi si won (super junior) girlfriend
and she's se7en girlfriend, they have date for 8 years 0.o

3. hyomin T-ara
i don't know how to describe hihi cause i'm not t-ara fans :( so sorry..

4. Jung Yong Hwa
yuhuu.. who's don't know he? yes! he's leader and main vocal on CN Blue. xD
he's from busan, i know him since We Got Married with Seo Hyun SNSD hihi.

honestly it's many more but i just tell you which one more popular hihi..
as i know, they don't do plastic surgery.
they popular with 'natural' face alias not plastic surgery face ^^

you know lah, korea was the best plastic surgery, the cost more cheaper than japan.
my korean friends said (who she does this plastic surgery)
the cost for eyelid, just eyelid was 500.000 won or in rupiah it's 5.000.000 
i'm shock of course, that you said "cheap" =.=
and the process is quickly, just 15-30 minutes 0.o
and for full face, she's said need minimal 5.000.000 won or 50.000.000 rupiah =.=
but she's said maybe the process not too painful but...
after.. you can feel little pain :(
for full face surgery, you will can't open your mouth cause your 'new skin'.
in indonesia like kaku karena kulit baru yang belum terlalu lentur.
for nose plastic surgery, you can't make 'pig nose' after the surgery cause it's danger for your new nose bone :(
ya, you can think how painful it is :(
when my korean friend said about this, i was scared cause i'm thinking about the pain.
but for to be pretty need some price lah
maybe need more money for makeup if you won't do plastic surgery.
or you want do it and it need moreee price =.=

overall, in korea eyelid surgery more popular than full face surgery cause korean people has one eyelid.
and sometimes the parents give they children a double eyelid surgery for seventeen present ^^
it's legal on korea lah hihi.

different between ulzzang with another makeup style.

the different ulzzang and gyaru (japan makeup style) :
- the point of gyaru was false lashes, upper and lower.
and ulzzang are less false lashes, maybe they used natural false lashes.
- another point was ulzzang less eyeshadow but more to eyeliner and gyaru still can play with eyeshadow color.

ullzang with american makeup style :
- hollywood style more like smokey eyes, ulzzang not used smokey eyes.
- ulzzang is simple just bb cream, powder, eyeliner or tears liner, blush on and lip tint.
hollywood style more complicated than ulzzang.

so it is the description of ulzzang,
hope you like it guys ^^
and if you have any question just ask me :D
see you.. 
안녕, 사랑해 ㅋㅋ


  1. now...i know what is ulzzang means...hihihihihi..

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