Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Tutorial] Carly Rae Jepsen MakeUp

hai hai hai.. ^^
i'm back...
this time i'm make tutorial (again)
but not korea style, it's rocker,girl and tomboy (?) style hihi
and this time my inspiration is Carly Rae Jepsen.

i just know her from 'tonight i'm getting over you' music video and i love her eyes for first sight LOL

seriously.. i love her eyes..
maybe it's looks like avril lavigne but she's more girly :)

before : 
looks funny XD

let's start!
1. use dark brown eyeshadow and apply it to all over your lid and your lower lashes line.

2. apply skin tone eyeshadow and put it on your crease and blend it out.

3. line your lashes line with eyeliner, it's up to you to use pencil or gel eyeliner. apply it to your waterline too.

4. apply black eyeshadow to your lashes line, smudge it and don't forget to apply on your lower lashes line.

5. bring baby pink lipstick and your done! ^^

the result : 

so simple, right?
this's like rocker theme but not to dark.
oke this is the end of my tutorial,
next i will review some product hehe cause i know you'll boring if i keep to post about tutorial.
see you next time
bye <3


  1. dear, muka kmu keliatan berminyak say, saran sie yah pake BB cream trus kasi loose powder supaya ga berminyak en keliatan perfect cover... :)kalo mau lebih keliatan gak berminyak, pake Foundi yang matte...

    1. hehe makasih saran ny tp jujur smua tutorial yg dad blog aku ga pernah pke bb cream or foundi cause sayang kl d pke mn buat tutorial xD
      disini aku pke moistruraizer etude jd ny rada berminyak, n ni foto smua pas dah sore jd dah berminyak bngt muka xD