Sunday, February 24, 2013

[Tutorial] SISTAR19 보라 (bora) Makeup

Helloo.. sorry for my late post cause my condition is not good L

my old come again this morning and i still feel exhausted now but cause i did some promise to you before so i must keep my promise ^^

Today post is special cause i will make of SISTAR19 makeup tutorial. And my choose was 보라 (bora).

just for information SISTAR19 is sub-grup of SISTAR. The 19 numbers was the age of hyorin and bora at that debut time J. SISTAR has 4 members, it was 효린(Hyorin main vokal) , 보라(Bora- rapper), 소유(soyu- vokal), and 다솜(dasom-vokal).

The SISTAR19 debut with ma boy and comeback this last january with ‘있다 없으니까’ and made all kill music chart ^^
Personally i love this song, its great sad love lyrics ^^ watch the video, you will be like it..

Back to tutorial, i choose bora makeup cause its suck a beautifull eyes like sad eyes  but sensual effect. So sorry i choose to made photo tutorial not video cause i just have webcam L so the quality is really suck! Photos more look fine than video webcam right? hehe

So, lets start!

You need :
-          Concealer or BB Cream if you want full coverage.
-          BLACK, WHITE and DARK BROWN color eyeshadows.
-          Tears drop eyeliner or you can use silver eyeshadow if you dont have too.
-          Natural pink liptint

First, line your upper lashes line with BLACK EYESHADOW. From CENTER TO OUTTER. Make it little winged.

Second, use angled eyeshadow brush and apply DARK BROWN EYESHADOW and apply it to your lower lashline. From OUTTER TO CENTER.


Four, apply tearsdrop eyeliner or silver eyeshadow to your inner conner of your eyes. 

Last, put your pink liptint

 and your done ^^

Its suck pretty good right?
I love the effect, sad but sensual and sexy effect ^^
Oke, this is the end of this tutorial, hope you like it, and i just made another tutorial, just stay tune and i will comeback soon.
Try it and good luck everyone, byeee.. <3 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Skin Food Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake No.2 Grey brown

안녕하세요,소녀들이 ㅋㅋ
as i promised before, i'm back today to review my first eyebrow powder.
before, i just fill my eyebrow with.... $0,4 eyebrow pencil 0.o
yeah in rupiah it just 4000 0.o 
it's cheap eyebrow pencil with bad quality. not too bad but yeah not better than viva eyebrow pencil.
sooo.. i decided to buy this eyebrow cake.
this one from skin food and it's new arrival, i mean new eyebrow product from skin food.

let's start.!
Skin Food Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake No.2 Grey Brown

it's square with long 5,5cm and width 5cm.
too detail, am i? lol
it's small packaging with chocolate color.
it's soo cute and easily to take it.

it's have 1 mirror and 2 shade color.
left, it's light choco brown color and right, it's dark choco brown.
it's including short eyebrow brush, it's so helpful if you don't have eyebrow brush.
the smell... it's unique.
smell like cookies!
like chocolate cookies 0.o and i love the smell..!
i know why they give a name Grey Brown cause the dark choco brown if you fill it in your brow it's like grey not dark choco brown!
and if you blending it with the light one, it will be come like dark brown color. ^^

it's selca from yesterday cause i go to seminar for herbalife STS 'N FIESTA.
it's sooo good product for diet. i try once and it's good.
can make you not easily hungry and can easily help lose weight ^^
i will try and if it success, i will make big promotion to you guys ^^
just wait oke?

oke this is the result :
before :

*sorry for my scary eyes LOL*


you can see it's not really brown or light color, it's same with my natural eyebrow! 
i love this product. it's cheap but not cheaper.
it just $5..!!!
50.000 rupiah!!
with that cheap price it's comparable with their quality.
i used them 6-8 hours, it stay long ^^

if you curious it's just bb cream and powder with pink blush and brown eyeliner with pink tint stick.
will review the brown eyeliner ^^
keep stay on my blog.
this is the end of this review.
i will comeback Thursday.
stay tune on my blog.
love you guys <3

Thursday, February 14, 2013

GEO Princess Mimi WMM-303 (Green)

hellooo ladies... ^^
i think you should be know what GEO Princess Mimi was lol
but i have to review it cause some my friends interesting know about this contact lens..

let's start!

GEO Princess Mimi WMM-303 (Green)
they have 4 colors :

Chocolate and...


before i wanted to buy the chocolate color but.. suddenly i'm interesting with the green one.
it's a long time ago i'm not wear green lens.
this lens was produced by popular gyaru icon, yes..
Tsubasa Masuwaka

i'm pretty sure if you japan gyaru maniac style, you know her.
honestly she's my only one *correction : just only one that i know* about gyaru style
she's produced the dolly wink false eyelashes and candy doll too.
she's gorgeous and cute, of course pretty too.

usually she's wear the chocolate color.. that's her favorite one ^^
btw,she's born on 1986! believe she's 27 years old?!! i say noo from the first time,
and she's has one child!!
omg, envy her, cause she still thin and pretty lol

oke back to the topic...
GEO Princess Mimi WMM-303 (Green)
diameter : 15mm
water : 32%
made in korea

packaging :
just like another online lens, it's from plastic glass (?) with GEO sticker.
that sticker was important if you wanna buy it, many fake GEO lens was out there so be careful when doesn't have GEO sticker. maybe it's fake :(

pattern :

 this outer pattern
 inner pattern.

this's my favorite pattern. have 3 tone colors.
outer : black
middle : green
and inner : brown.
that make your eyes more natural and suck a pretty effect.
i give this : 4/5 points ^^

enlargement :
this is my first 15mm lens.
my bigger before just 14.8mm. sooo... it's make your eyes more bigger!
it's give dolly effect and i like it!
i give this 4.5/5 ^^

conform :
first time i wear, it's little dry.. just a bit. but it will fine a few hours.
i wear this lens for 12 hours! LOL
but around 6 hours it's make my eyes dried, and i keep to wear cause i didn't bring my case =.=
so i keep yawn to keep it.
i didn't recommend to wear more than 8 hours! cause it's not good for your eyes.
and change your lens when 6 months even this for 1 years, for your eyes safely, change it if more than 6 months.

result : 
*warning it many selca of me LOL*

okee enough! LOL i dont want you feel sick cause my face.. 
i just try tsu chan style but yeah fail lol
 honestly i didn't use bb cream in all my this selca..
just moistrurizer, false eyelashes and tint stick.. ^^

i love this lens cause make my eyes bigger XD
it's dolly effect and i like it!
recommend this one...!

oke this is the end of this post.
see you in monday for my new post.
stay tune and follow my blog and instagram for new photo update lol
love you ladies.. bye <3