Friday, August 17, 2012

Skin Food tomato smoothies tint no.3 (orange)

잘 재닜엇어요,?!
this week i will review my orange lip tint from Skin Food.
i'm interesting about orange lip tint cause i seen Lee Yeon Hee ssi (이연희 씨) from 유령 (ghost) drama :D
if you watch this drama, you will know keke
i reallly love her orange lip XD

she's fucking prettyyyy right??!!
i love his drama :D
i know her first from drama Paradise Ranch played by Sim Chang Min from TVXQ too XD
and i more love her for his new drama Ghost *.*
this drama realllyyy interesting :D
recommend to watch that

oke back to lip tint
i buy this lip tint cause curious LOL
i think if i buy fresh cherry from Etude House, another blogger haved review it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
so i buy from Skin Food cause when i'm searching, is no blogger review it LOL
they has 3 color :
Red tomato (레드 토마토)
Pink tomato (피그 토마토)
Orange tomato (오렌지 토마토)

packaging :
it's cute :D like another product from Skin Food, they always put some vegetables or fruit for his product :D

texture :
like cream, but i don't like it :(
i like tony moly tint cause the texture like watery.

the result :

but.. i love the result :D
it's natural orange, not too much so can make your lips freak :D
and....... i love the smells, orange smells XD

this my review for this week..
hope you enjoy it :D
see you soonnnn :D
안녕... ㅠ


  1. Oooh I like orange!! But it only looks good on pale skin and pink lips hehe. I think the Lioele Blooming Tint is better though. Or maybe TONYMOLY tint?

    I followed! Would you like to follow back? ^__^

    1. haii.. thank to follow my blog :D
      yeahh i like orange lips, but when i apply this tint it come to little pink too :D
      tony moly just have 2 color : red apple and cherry pink :D