Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Etude House Aloe Moistfull Soothing Cream

Haloo..!! 나 도라워용 ㅋㅋ
im back as my promise before lol.. now i will review about my new cream cause my collagen cream from Etude House was RIP lol and my choose for the new one is aloe moistfull cream.

Like the name, its ingredients from aloe.  Moistfull aloe contains baobab tree and organic aloe content to lift and tighten complexion while soothing. Facial cream maintains moist texture for nourishing care. Void of paraben, taic and ethanol.
Its one set, cream and the essence ^^ for essence its hydrating moisture essence maintains 86,9% organic aloe composition.

Lets start!

Its come with soft green color.  The packaging was not eco friendly packaging, its from glass so be carefull to keep them. Cause the packaging from glass, its little heavy too lol
The packaging for essence was plactic, so dont worry if you fall it.

the cream texture was soft like other cream, not sticky but what i dont like was the smell! Its smell like rejoice shampoo LOL.. don't know others or just me are don't like the smell.

i read other review, and they love the smell.
oke, never mind..

the essence was great. Not sticky too, you just apply little bit and thats was enough for around the face. The smell not same with cream, haha its smell soft . i like this essence.

 i put a little bit and you can see,... 

it's blend it ^^
and this my selca when i use this cream :

it's been 2 months i using this cream and i love it!!
this cream good for sensitive skin. it's refreshing your skin and not break out ^^
really recomend this one for sensitive skin.
btw, if you follow my instagram, you'll known i'm just restyle my hair lol
what do you think?

lol..!! this is my first time to wear short hair :D wear? yes, this is wig!
 i never cut my hair that short cause my father will angry if i cut my hair :(
which one do you like it? long hair or short hair? ^^
and i got new korean film for you guys..
it's 늑대소년(A werewolf boy)
main cast was song joong ki and park bo young..!!

really i love this film, i watched this twice and i cried twice too :'(
i cried at the climax :'(
must watch!!

this's is all my post today, hope you guys like it ^^ stay tune on my blog, i will comeback soon, don't forget to follow my blog and instagram for update ^^
안녕..ㅋㅋㅋ!! <3

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