Thursday, September 19, 2013

EyeCandy Belle Gray (OY III Gray)

as my promise im post my first posting while im hiatus.

Today review is my new softlens. Its eye candy.
I knew you already know about this softlens so i will just review for you hihihi.

Eyecandy is softlens from korea. Its silicone hydrogel, which is good for sensitive eyes.

i got free animal case from special promo if you buy any eye candy you will got free animal case ^^

Eyecandy OY III
Diameter : 14.5
Water content : 48%
B.C : 8.60mm

My first thought for this softlens is thin. Its really really thin! This is my first time wear thin softlens like this.

The color :
Before i wear, its really soft gray color on outer ring with brown color on inner. You can see the strip (i dont know what it called) is black

Design :
Honestly i really really love this softlens. The pattern is beautiful <3 this is the most best pattern i love ever!

Comfort :
Because its silicone hydrogel, its really comfort! I wear this 12 hours still good, just little dry if you wear more than 8 hours.

After :

*long time not upload my selca hihihi*
See?! Before i wear its might not really gray color but when i used it, its come with full grey and i love it!!!
Its really good for selca hahaha this is my best gray softlens ever. I never find a good gray color like this.

Rate : 4.5/5

Wheres im buy :
Tomato online shop
Mention YS1011 FOR 5% DISKON!!

See you on next post guys, bye... ^^

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