Thursday, April 24, 2014

Long Time No See

heloooooo everybodyy.....!!!
miss you alll :'(
it's really long time i'm not updating my blog.
someone of you miss me? lol
i think no one... hihihi

honestly i miss to review product cause i have sooo many product to review but i have no time now :'(
hope i can comeback to review and made some tutorial for you guys
by the way......

i want to share for you guys...
early this month i'm graduted from Lasalle Internasional College *finally*

actually i'm finished my college on september last year but on my college graduation show just once in years.

between october last year i'm join to be one of makeup artist for Take Me Out Indonesia until last of march.
and now i'm continue still in Indosiar for Comedy Acamedy live program every monday and tuesday.
i do for another makeup of course.
fashion show i still working. last i'm join on fashion nation for hush puppies and antons&co
i just want to promote my self honestly LOL
if you want to makeup do just contact me
first you follow my instagram and there have my contact.
or line me : yosella
or email me :

i  do for every makeup,.
high fashion, face painting, body painting, bridal, graduation show,etc
for my portfolio u can follow me at facebook ^^
Yosella Bernandeth Lie
and this is me after i become a professional makeup artis *honestly im proud for the result LOL*

now i'm not a KOREAN style. i now a HOLLYWOOD style freak LOL
before i hate to apply eyeshadow now i LOVE it.
before i CAN'T drawing eyebrows now i CAN :')

this is one of my work : i took this yesterday tuesday

thank you guys..
i hope i can meet you all and be your makeup artist for your project^^
see you on my next post.
love you <3